The Jerusalem Unity Art Project is an ongoing spiritual artistic event. Its purpose is the deepening of our spiritual connection to Jerusalem and The Temple Mount, while simultaneously increasing the cooperation and Unity of All The True Lovers of Jerusalem.
This unique project is the blending of two worlds, The Spiritual and The Artistic. It is inspired by Shaiya Raz whose lifelong quest is directly related to the fulfillment of The Jerusalem Prophecies, and exquisitely created by the world renowned artist Ya’akov Boussidan, who is considered a foremost authority on Jerusalem art and whose celebrated artist book “Jerusalem – Names in Praise”, was showcased at the Israel Museum and the British Parliament in London.

To be a True Lover of Jerusalem means to be blessed enough to know some of its endless divine beauty and mystery and to have at least a glimpse of its Spiritual Function – Present, Past, and Future. Its mystery is slightly revealed in the words of The Prophet Isaiah (40:2) who says quote “Speak to the Heart of Jerusalem” – for he knows that Jerusalem is a living spiritual entity.

Its future spiritual function is described and accurately summarized by the words “For My House shall be called the House of Prayer for all Nations” – Isaiah 56:7.

“For My House shall be called the House of Prayer for all Nations” is the foundational phrase of The Jerusalem Unity Art Project, and we invite all True Lovers of Jerusalem to join in prayer for its fulfillment. For Jerusalem is the focal point and the bridge connecting all of those who are already righteous, as well as those who are yet to become.

The Artist and his paintings of Jerusalem

Imagine a dragon heaving and breathing his inner fire.
At times it ruins and at times it glorifies. This is Jerusalem.
Standing timeless, rising above all seasons and space.
Jerusalem in a circular motion of its inhabitants and the time that passes.
It’s character is built of generations above generations, those that were and those that will be. The Artist’s work is a flickering of memories, some near and some distant. Like a wheel of times. These are the narratives and motives nurtured from these moments. Every element that the artist uses, is a different narrative of the same story.