This Livre d׳artiste an expression of the eternal connection of the people of Israel to their spiritual capital. Ya’acov reveals here a total of 391 names given to Jerusalem. This immense project took over 8 years in the making. Ya’akov assembled the names into this Livre d׳artiste with graphic representations, lines and colors. “The viewer is invited to contemplate the mystery of the world of names and then go beyond the printed page to encounter a depth of meaning that we rarely experience.” (Professor Benjamin Ish-Shalom) 

Print Edition
Semi gloss paper, 180 gr
Dimensions of the Livre d׳artiste: 29.6 x 24.5 cm
Hardcover, bound in green paper, embossed in gold color, text in Hebrew and English. The Livre d׳artiste comes with a laminated dust cover.
The book can come enclosed in a box: cardboard 2,5 mm, covered in blue, embossed with gold color in Hebrew.
Dimensions of the box: 32.5 x 27 x 4
(Only a few Hebrew boxes are left and only one in English)
Price : 350 $ +vat